"Strikingly faithful to the originals."

~ Rolling Stone

"The best thing I've seen as far as the music of Zeppelin ... The whole band, I can't stress enough, is just so good, but the major weapon here is singer James Dylan who I dare say sings Plant way better than Plant himself ... This guy nails it beyond belief!"

"I've seen many Zeppelin tributes, but in my opinion nothing touches this ... and yes, I’ve heard many comment about Train playing Zeppelin on The Stern Show. All due respect to them, that was great, but as cool as that was, this is just next level ... I was absolutely floored by this show. They sound unbelievable. I can't recommend it more highly."

~ Eddie Trunk, That Metal Show,

Trunk Nation and Hair Nation

"Each note was so uncanny that if you closed your eyes you would swear you were listening to the salty croon of Robert Plant, the fiery licks of Jimmy Page and the sweet synchronization of drum legend John Bonham."

~ Matt Oakes, Silver Screen Riot

"The best Robert Plant replacement on the planet. His vocals were more Plant than Robert has been since Zeppelin ended in 1980. Dylan's range is perfectly suited for the tunes and his vocal phrasing mimics Plant at his finest. His performance was not a replica of Zeppelin's past performances, but every sound that exited his throat sounded like something you'd have heard coming off the stage in 1973."

~ Matt Champion, KDHX Community Media

"It isn’t just that he manages to hit the notes that Plant was hitting in his vocal prime of 1968-1971, which would be impressive in its own right; Dylan also manages to recreate Plant’s disparate phrasing, intonation, and delivery from a wide array of songs in a way that is often downright eerie."

"My first “goosebumps moment” of the evening came during Sick Again. I blurted out a dumbfounded “whoa” when I heard how well he made the transition from the high and clear vocals of Rock and Roll (1971) and Celebration Day (1970) to the rough, raw, and gravelly vocals of Physical Graffiti’s final track."

"Dylan’s vocals/phrasing during Since I’ve Been Loving You were so close to what you hear from Plant on the third album that they defied belief. Incredible."

~ Wyatt Brake, Zep Cowboy

"The band sounded terrific from the get go. James Dylan sounded astoundingly like Robert Plant. Something I was not expecting, nor was I prepared for, and I had to take a moment to fully soak it in."

~ Clayton Cyre, Abort Magazine

"I swear if you closed your eyes lead vocalist James Dylan would make you believe you were listening to Robert Plant’s thunderous vocals"

~ South Florida Insider

"I was absolutely enthralled by the performance of James Dylan. I never thought anyone could come close to Robert Plant, and James Dylan proved me so wrong!"

"My jaw dropped when James Dylan began singing. This was Robert Plant incarnate. I could close my eyes and feel like I was back at a Zeppelin concert in the seventies! My son and brother-in-law were with me and as he was singing, doing the trademark Robert Plant screaming, we were turning to each other shaking our heads in amazement"

"The ensuing song absolutely blew me away and was probably my favorite of the night because of the mind-blowing vocals of James Dylan, Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You. Great! The audience jumped up to give a raucous standing ovation."

~ Peter S. Sakas, Rock Chicago Magazine

"Arguably the hot seat in the band - is the golden-throated James Dylan, who carries Robert Plant’s trademark shrill howl-moan with immutable potency. From “Immigrant Song” to “Thank You” to “The Ocean” to a stunning rendition of “In The Light,” Dylan relayed one of the most charismatic voices in rock with humble strength. Led Zeppelin never played “In The Light” live, adding a layer of gravitas to Dylan’s sublime rendering."

~ Jason Blevins, Reverb

"James Dylan on vocals is as good as it gets. When it comes to Led Zeppelin, you must see this band. It’s mandatory."

~ Steven Brazill, KCAL FM

"The man whose shoulders it falls on to truly bring the magic of Zeppelin to life is vocalist James Dylan."

"The most impressive thing about Dylan is that he can hit Plant’s high notes and also mimic Robert’s normal, lower tone as well."

"Dylan’s wailing brought the crowd to their feet."

~ Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited

"The show’s musical technique and dedication was

nothing short of sonically awe-inspiring."

"As genuine Zeppelin as it’s going to get."

"By the time the lights came up, the exhausted but thoroughly satisfied audience was raucous in their cheering and applause."

~ Elliot Levin, NY Hard Rock Music Examiner

"James Dylan's voice was truly magical throughout the entire two and a half hours he was on stage."

~ Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal, Metal Assault

"Man, Dylan nailed it. The awesome thing is that he wasn't trying to sound like Plant. He was just singing, and singing really fuckin' well at that!"

~ Stephy Hayward, Z-Rockr

"Vocalist James Dylan belted out a strong range that had many newcomers to the Experience thinking this was a dream"

~ CrypticRock

"James Dylan's vocals were right on with a very similar sound of a young studio version of Robert Plant."

~ Mike Arnold, Concert Blast

"James Dylan’s compelling vocals come as close as one could expect to get to the original sound. For many in the attendance his voice was definitely the highlight of the event as evidenced by the multiple ovations he received throughout the show... all well deserved."

~ Natalia Britt, Glendale Music Examiner

"Dylan sounds so much like Robert Plant it was actually surprising for a moment to hear an American voice, and not a British accent the first time he addressed the crowd."

~ Richard Rosenthal, Screamer Magazine

"James Dylan, lead singer and YouTube find, had such an exceptional voice that could only compliment the band’s triumphant gift of flattery and love to one of the greatest rock bands of all time. As John’s son followed in his footsteps, they most definitely did him justice."

~ Molly Molin, Concart

"Vocalist James Dylan is a spot on Robert Plant."

~ Daniel Siwek, LA Music Critic

"Sell-out crowd at Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall on Sunday night, “'Experience' is a gross understatement of what they witnessed"

"It’s a reality to say that if you’d closed your eyes at any point in this show, you would have believed you were listening to the real thing. Lead singer James Dylan was able to repeatedly reach the notes and emulate the squeals that made Robert Plant’s vocals such an integral part of the Zep sound. And yes, he and the band DID tackle Stairway to Heaven and yes, they managed to pull it off flawlessly."

"Dylan’s vocal gymnastics and his strut and swagger tastefully honored the mighty Plant without coming across as a hokey rip-off. It’s refreshing to see and hear a band that is reliving the high point of a legendary band without feeling the need to dress or look like them."

~ Gabe Echazabal, The Daily Loft